Here is my kitchen reveal which includes some kitchen styling tips and you guys KNOW I’m going to talk about how to get that high-end kitchen decor on a budget HAHA. Please let me know what you think about the table lamp wood color! I love hearing your opinions! Thank you so much for watching!
-X Jenna

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Things in this video:

1. Bar Stools:

2. Pendant Lights:

3. My Paper Towel Holder is From Homegoods (Cuisinart Brand) BUT they have a very similar looking one at Target which I will link here:

4. Soap Dispenser (One I got from Homegoods, the other was this one from Target and I then switched out the top to gold)

5. Soap Tray: *In the video, I say it’s “mold-resistant” and what I mean by that is that you can easily wipe mold off. Mine has never gotten any mold but just wanted to be clear that it doesn’t have any mold-residing super powers LOL :

6. Bowl – (I got the one in the video from Tuesday Morning but here is an affordable look-a-like): large-paulownia-wood-bowl-gm23004

7. Glass Vases: (I got them at Homegoods but here are some look-a-likes from Target):

8. Faucet:

9. Coffee Maker:

10. HomePod:

11. Cabinetry Pulls:

12. Table Lamp:

13. Wood Cutting Board:

14. Leather Cording:

15. Amber Glass Spray Bottle:

16. Air Fryer:

17. Fridge:

18. Countertop (cabrini grey):

19. Countertop (white): (Golden Gate)

20. Backsplash tile:

21. Photo Ordering Site (Mpix):
22. Cabinets: American Woodmark: Leesburg in Painted Linen (They are from the Home Depot)

*Note* My picture frame has never had any grease splatter on it since I only ever use my front burner. If you are doing any heavy-duty cooking or using any burners in close proximity to the picture frame or cutting boards, I would remove it while cooking. Please use discretion.

*I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission*

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