Complete House Removal Service or a Removal Van Hire?


Every day, people in the UK are looking for moving companies to help transport their properties from one location to another. The main problem most Londoners have is choosing what type of moving company to hire. A lot of Londoners are torn between two choices, the regular removal van hire and a complete removals service. Knowing the type of mover you will need for your move will go a long way in determining how successful your move will be.

Knowing which one will best suit your move.

When you’re moving house and you don’t know which one to choose between a removal van hire and a complete removal service, what you should consider first is the number of belongings you want to move. If you’re moving large belongings you should opt for a complete removal service but if you’re going to be moving small pieces of property, then you should opt for a removal van hire.

A removal van hire will suit you more if you’re moving a few items. It’s mostly used by students, bachelors/spinsters, or people who need to transport their belongings to a friend’s place or a storage facility. it‘s best suited for small moves. If you’re moving a substantial amount of belongings such as furniture pieces or even a piano, then a full removal service is best for you.

Most times many people get confused when trying to choose between a removal van hire and a complete removal service since they basically have the same function. More often than not many Londoners will choose the removal van hire because it seems to be cheaper but you now know better.

Useful tips you should know before getting a removal van hire.

Moving house can be an exciting but stressful venture. We care about your move; this is why we’ve compiled these useful to help you before the removal van arrives.

Get durable packing supplies.

This is one aspect of moving house that many people tend to overlook. Some removal van hire will offer to get you packing supplies since they know the best ones to purchase. If the removal van does not offer this service, then you will have to get packing supplies yourself. You will need to get various types of boxes for the move.

Different boxes will serve different purposes. Small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, heavy-duty boxes, wardrobe boxes, and even mirror boxes will need to be purchased. Make sure you get strong and durable boxes that can hold your belongings in place.

Also get strong tapes, plastic bags, labels, markers, and bubble wraps.

Alternatively, you can decide to book a packing service from the removal van hire. With the packing service, you’ll get durable packing supplies and they will also help you pack when you’re ready to move.

Start packing on time.

You should endeavor to start packing on time. This is one principle a lot of movers tend to overlook when moving house. You should start packing at least one month before the removal van hire arrives.

You can start with rooms and items that you do not use frequently. You can start from the loft and gradually advance towards the bottom floors. You can also start packing items like gardening tools that you do not use often. This will afford you enough time to pack efficiently before the removal van hire arrives.

House Removal 2

Discard or donate unwanted items.

you won’t move with all your belongings. There will be some items you will no longer need such as old clothes or old toys. Pack these unwanted items into different boxes and give them away to charity or discard them. If some friends are helping you with the move, you can ask them if they want any of the items. It will be a nice gesture since you’re not paying them for their help. It’s the least you can do. It will help reduce the amount of load you will need to move when the removal van hire comes.

Keep a detailed inventory.

Keeping an inventory is a very important tip when moving house. It helps you keep track of your packing progress. You can easily know what you’ve packed and what you’ve not. You’d also know what you’re meant to do next, what room you’re meant to pack next, and so on. The process of moving house and getting a removal van hire for the move can be stressful but with an inventory, your move will go smoothly.

Do not pack more than 30 pounds of items in one box.

This is an important tip you should not forget as it can save you from a lot of pain. You might sustain a serious injury as one of the boxes may not be able to hold the weight of the items if they are more than 30 pounds. Make sure you pack light-weight items in big boxes and heavy items in small boxes. This is the rule you should follow to avoid any regrets when the removal van hire arrives.

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