Are Smart Locks Safe for Your Home


With today’s smart technology, simple keys and doorbells are being transformed into sophisticated security systems to protect your home. A smart lock refers to a lock that is connected to your technology, such as an app on your smartphone. These are Bluetooth smart locks that work via a Wi-Fi-enabled internet connection.

The Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to operate the lock remotely. Though, you may be wondering if this technology is secure. In other words, are smart locks safe or can they be hacked?

Features of Smart Locks

One of the best properties of a smart lock is not having to carry keys with you or worry about misplacing them. Bluetooth smart locks can connect through a mobile app that allows you to unlock and lock your door from anywhere that has access to an internet connection. The app also lets you know how many times the door has been locked and unlocked by other persons.

You also have the ability to set reminders to lock your door and to program the access point to lock automatically after a set time. This takes the worry out of possibly forgetting to lock the house up at night or when rushing off to work.

In the event that you no longer want a guest, an employee, or any other person to have access to your home, you simply change to code. There is no need to completely change the lock. Many smart locks allow you to create custom user access codes for each person you want to be able to enter the home.

The keypad is generally backlit for illumination at night.

This type of locking mechanism can be integrated with your home security system. You are able to sync with video cameras so you can see who is at your door and whether you want to allow that person to enter. This is great for kids who might be coming home from school and have forgotten their access code or for allowing emergency personnel to get in.

Smart Locks

Why are Smart Locks Safe Options for Your Home?

A well-designed smart lock is more difficult to pick than a standard door lock, requiring a good deal of technical expertise that most thieves may not possess. As well, the keypad is usually designed to disable the unlock feature or set the lock to time out if the wrong code is entered too many times.

Many people are concerned that smart locks are vulnerable to hacking via the internet connection. For sure, some smart locks are better than others. You want to be certain you are purchasing a smart lock from a reputable company that offers secure encryption, similar to what keeps your credit card information hidden.

A smart lock app is password protected, so you definitely want to choose a good user ID and a sufficiently long and unique password to access your account.

Bottom Line

A smart lock may well offer superior protection for your home compared to a standard door lock. In most cases, all a criminal needs to pick a door lock is a key or a screwdriver. A good smart lock requires some technical expertise. As well, a smart lock can be coordinated with your whole house security system for additional peace of mind and ease of use.

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