6 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking to Sell House Quickly


Putting your home up for sale can be an exciting and stressful experience, particularly if this is your first time doing so. You may be selling your home for various reasons, but there are several traps you might easily walk into that would make selling your home less than ideal. Keep these common home selling mistakes so that you may sell your property with confidence.

Getting Emotional 

When selling your home, it’s natural to become emotional about the process. You put in a lot of time and effort to discover the ideal match for you, put aside money for your initial deposit and furniture purchases, and accumulate a lot of happy memories in the process. When it comes time to part ways, most people have a hard time keeping their feelings in check and being able to let go.

Hiring an Inadequate Agent

It may seem easy to avoid paying a commission if you don’t hire a real estate agent to represent you, but you’ll miss out on a real estate agent’s knowledge of the market, contacts, and assistance with the process if you do so. A real estate agent is essential to a successful – and less stressful – property sale, regardless of whether or not the seller holds a valid real estate license or intends to locate an iBuyer.

Setting an Unrealistic Price

Whether working with an agent or selling the property independently, determining the appropriate asking price is essential, do remember the comparative market analysis that you or your real estate agent performed when purchasing your house to calculate an appropriate offer price. The purchasers of your home will also do this, so as a seller, you should always try to stay one step ahead.

Keeping Clutter

It might be challenging to get rid of things while you are still living in the house, but if you want each room and place to look its very best, you will need to declutter your entire space. Get rid of unnecessary things, as well as huge couches and other large furniture that dominates the space, clean out your closets so they don’t look cluttered, and put away decorations that show too much of your personality.


Skimping on Listing Photos

If you don’t have quality listing photos, you’ll be doing yourself and your property a huge disservice if you want to sell it in this day and age when so many buyers search for properties online and so many of those homes have photos. On the other hand, there are so many bad images of properties for sale that if you do a decent job, it will set your listing out from the others and help generate additional interest in the property. 

Hiding Major Repairs

When selling your home, you must fill out a seller’s disclosure form, which requires you to disclose any known issues with the property that may impact its value. If your prospective buyers are astute, they will almost certainly arrange for a house inspection once you have accepted their offer. In addition, if a significant issue with your home is discovered during the inspection, it may cause the closing date to be postponed or may even cause the purchase to fall through entirely.

The Bottom Line 

There are many common blunders to avoid while selling a home. And each error might cost you tens of thousands of dollars and more than a few aspirin bottles. Do you need further guidance? Visit www.quickbuyhomescharleston.com


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