3 Features You Need In Your Smart Lock


Modern technology-enabled security systems are everywhere. From keypads to video doorbells, the options are endless — that is, if you like the futuristic look bolted to the entrance of your home.

If you’re looking for advanced security features that aren’t obtrusive, there are countless innovative options that offer ultimate peace of mind and convenience, without sacrificing the design integrity of your home. To find the right option for you, here are the top three elements to look for when designing the ultimate home security.

1. Next-Generation Technology with Last-Generation Simplicity

Do you want the ultimate security for your family without losing your traditional key and deadbolt functionality? Well, there’s a good reason old-fashioned keys have stood the test of time. Smart locks that are compatible with physical keys provide familiarity, convenience, and next-level security. 

Better yet, you can keep your key on your keychain and ditch the one under your mat with the innovative solutions on the market today. Brands are leveling the playing field for smart lock solutions and traditional keys by bringing the best of both worlds into one ultra-secure, ultra-convenient solution. 

Options like these work by bridging the digital-mechanical divide. Whether you choose to enable your existing deadbolt with an internal advanced security system or replace your deadbolt entirely, you can operate your lock by voice, key card, physical key, or from anywhere by phone. With features like automatic locking and unlocking and even hands-full access with one-touch locking and unlocking capabilities, you can enjoy the convenience and advanced security of a next-generation smart lock and the simplicity and familiarity of a traditional deadbolt. 

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2. Convenient Smart Locks

Homes are meant for gathering, living, and relaxing — and your security system should support that by making life easier, not more complicated. With the newest generation of smart locks, you don’t have to worry about friends or family tripping a silent alarm, guests locking themselves out, or having to compromise your family’s safety with an under-the-mat key. In other words, you don’t have to choose between convenience and security anymore. 

Finding a solution that gives easy access to everyone you want having it (and nobody you don’t) is an important consideration, especially for families and social homeowners. Some of the best smart locks on the market right now have access-sharing capabilities so you can welcome your friends and family remotely by sharing digital access through their phones. Whether you need to share access to pet- or house-sitters while away, want guests to be able to let themselves in, or want to give friends, kids, or grandkids permanent 24/7 access in case of emergencies, there are great, secure options that beat the hide-away key in all categories.

3. Security That Matches Your Style

Not everyone loves the futuristic look of modern smart security. Some centuries-old properties are even protected against changes that will destroy the historical integrity of the home. From keypads to video doorbells, the glaring installations can be an eyesore. Whatever your home’s style, installing a traditional-looking smart lock solves the issue. 

Some brands offer invisible smart locks that are installed inside your door, beneath your existing deadbolt. Or, you can choose to replace your deadbolt altogether with a traditional-looking lock that packs in all the modern security features without any of the modern design elements. No touchscreens, no keypads — just a classic-looking, secretly touch-sensitive, and phone-connected deadbolt. 

Find the Best Smart Lock for You

Some of the newest generations of smart home security are doing away with the intimidating and futuristic operating systems and introducing solutions that make life easier and more secure. Regardless of your needs, there are spectacular smart locks designed for you, your family, and your home.

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